Monday, October 09, 2006

TurtleBoy Returns to Campus!

TurtleBoy has come home for a week or two to be in the festivities wrapped around the Fear the Turtle Sculptures of the auctions begins online today! I the second photo, he's talking to Disco Terp!

All of the turtles have come back to campus and are being cleaned up for the auction viewing. On the 18th of October, they will all be paraded thru campus on flatbed trucks. On the 19th they all 50 will be on display at the Riggs Alumni Center. And, the night of the 19th, the turtles that weren't sold will be auctioned. All the proceeds go to Marylan's student scholarships!

I was so happy to see TurtleBoy again. He had sand all over him. But, he held up really well and he's still so cute!